Sage 200 for Healthcare has proved to be highly beneficial for many companies and organisations based in the medical industry. At M2M, we can provide you with a bespoke Sage 200 solution that’s ideal for your business needs. The solutions that we provide are designed to boost traceability and efficiency within your business so you can easily keep track of payments, patients and stock. Sage 200 for Healthcare delivers a full authorisation route and audit trail to keep you compliant and view real-time insights into your current financial situation with the click of a button.

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Reduce the margin for error and automate a range of tasks

We have successfully integrated Sage 200 for Healthcare into our customers’ operations on many occasions. One of the key benefits of introducing Sage 200 for Healthcare into your business is that it helps you avoid manually keying vast amounts of essential data into your systems, reducing the margin for error and freeing up time for various other business-critical tasks.

Stimulate growth and enhance efficiency

Our medical accounting and finance software gives you much more financial efficiency whilst optimising reporting and visibility. It can speed up the process of managing invoices and making reconciliations considerably, with the real-time data it generates helping you to make better, more informed decisions that stimulate growth. Many of our clients have benefitted from Sage 200 for Healthcare after replacing slow, unreliable and outdated software that restricted their ability to operate efficiently. Sage 200 for Healthcare can vastly reduce your reliance on paper, which can result in human error. If you’re ready to boost your accuracy as well as your efficiency whilst becoming more compliant with regulations, Sage 200 for Healthcare may be the ideal solution.


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    Achieve more without expanding your team

    Sage 200 for Healthcare enables you to bring more accounting in-house and avoid hiring more staff than your budget can realistically cover. The software is designed to help you prevent problems related to physical paperwork, manual processes and outdated software whilst giving you much more control over expenditure.


    Is your current Sage 50 software holding you back?

    If you’re struggling with stock control, advanced reporting, multi-currency or integration with third-party apps (CRM, EDI, EPOS or e-commerce) it may be time to migrate to Sage 200.

    How can Sage 200 help?

    • Work with Sage 200 in the Cloud
    • Same look and feel as Sage 50
    • Handles processes beyond scope of Sage 50
    • Third-party integration (CRM, EDI, EPOS or e-commerce)
    • Industry specific solutions
    • Advanced currency management, multi company and multiple stock locations
    • Greater insight with real-time reporting and improved month-end close
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    Streamline your healthcare operations

    Many medical organisations are experiencing substantial growth whilst numerous regulatory changes are being implemented. It can be tough to monitor performance and ensure your financial processes are running smoothly without the technology you need to achieve this. Sage 200 for Healthcare delivers better efficiency by automating various processes and giving you much more visibility around your operations.

    Ideal for multi-site organisations

    The software is also ideal for healthcare organisations with sites in multiple locations. It enables you to view data from various sites in one centralised location and achieve additional growth whilst generating essential reports whenever you require them, not just at the end of the month. You can also access vital data from your browser from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. This makes it easy to complete transactions and generate approvals whilst you’re on the move. With Sage 200 for Healthcare, you can easily track financials alongside operational metrics and ratios including available capacity and treatment revenue.


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