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Sage 200 Manufacturing is a suite of ERP modules that helps businesses to manage production, supply chain, operations and works orders more effectively.

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What is included with Sage 200 Manufacturing?

Sage 200 Manufacturing is designed to help you manufacture goods and products for your customers more effectively. Previously known as Sage 200 Cloud Manufacturing, it includes functions such as:

  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC)
  • Estimating and Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

It also includes core features from the Sage 200 Suite like Accounts, Commercials, Marketing, Financials and Customer Service.

What are the key benefits of Sage 200 Manufacturing?

Sage 200 Manufacturing is designed to boost production control and help you maintain maximum productivity. With Sage 200 Manufacturing, you can schedule jobs and sequencing to ensure your manufacturing processes remain on track. Another key benefit of Sage 200 Manufacturing is that it helps you maintain a healthy cash flow, allowing you to order materials so they arrive by the time you need them.

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    Who benefits from Sage 200 Manufacturing and why?

    Sage 200 can benefit you whether you’re a small, medium or large manufacturing company. The software gives you greater control over product quality by helping you track all items through the production and delivery stages. You can also use the platform to share any information that’s required to help you remain in control of the supply chain.

    The platform enables you to raise purchase orders, change orders and monitor work-in-progress reports. It can also help you cut costs by enabling you to plan more efficiently. If your business has stock in multiple locations, these can easily be tracked thanks to full batch and serial number functionality.

    More advantages of Sage 200 Manufacturing

    Sage 200 Manufacturing can be used in a range of applications, allowing you to apply costs for tooling, materials and sub-contracting with ease. The software can break down complex production processes into smaller individual elements to help you manage them more effectively. There is also a trial kitting tool that you can use to estimate production capabilities and find out whether you have sufficient stock available.

    How we can help with Sage 200 Manufacturing solutions

    At M2M Technology, we can assist you if you’re ready to bring Sage 200 Manufacturing into your business. We can discuss the various features offered by Sage 200 Manufacturing with you in-depth so you can decide whether it’s a suitable match for your business operations.


    Talk to us today if you’re ready to find out more about Sage 200 for manufacturing into your business. You can find out more about our Sage 200 Manufacturing services by giving us a call on 01245 494847 or by completing the form on our website. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.