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A powerful business management solution to make your organisation more efficient and connected than ever. Manages accounts, customers, supply chain, financials, manufacturing and more.

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Sage 200 is an ERP solution suitable for small and mid-sized businesses. Scalable and highly adaptable for a wide range of industry sectors, Sage 200 allows the management of all business processes within a single system – from finance to CRM.

One of the key benefits of Sage 200 UK is that it can be customised in line with your specific business requirements and, at M2M Technology, we are ready to assist if you’re looking for seamless Sage 200 software integration with your other third-party business apps.

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Your business problems solved with Sage 200

  • Ideal for handling data processes and volumes beyond the scope of Sage 50
  • Perfect for third party integration with e.g CRM, EPOS or e-commerce
  • Advanced currency management, multi company and multiple stock locations
  • Greater insight with real-time reporting and improved month-end close

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With Sage 200 services, you’re able to choose additional modules to cover a wide range of needs. Modules are available for stock management, project management, customer relationship management, manufacturing processes and payments.

There are also various third-party add-ons available, and we’ll be with you every step of the way whenever you require advice or support on making the most of these innovative solutions.


The flexibility, modular design and capabilities of Sage 200 make it suitable for a broad range of businesses and industries, including:

  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Not-for-profits
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services


Thanks to our comprehensive planning process, we can tailor Sage 200 for your business now – and as you grow.


Our expert Sage 200 consultants will your project runs smoothly and data is migrated with minimal down-time.


The best way to achieve buy-in from your staff is to provide the right level of user training for them to feel confident.


Upon completion, we provide ongoing user, Sage software and IT infrastructure support for added peace of mind.


If the volumes of data you handle or your processes are too vast for Sage 50 to cover, Sage 200 services may be the right match for your requirements. Sage is ideal for companies in need of multiple integrated modules and companies with stock situated in various locations. It’s also the ideal match for enterprises with multiple trading entities. If you need a Sage 200 supplier that can help you make the most of its features, get in touch today.


Family-run marine manufacturer Wilks gains greater control over financial reporting

Key outcomes:

  • Automated system cuts reporting time from a day to just seconds
  • Accurate stock levels reported online thanks to integration with web API
  • New insights lead to improved sales process
  • Greater confidence in auditing of manufacturing materials
  • Enhanced relationship with customers and distributors
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“We were in a situation where we were working for the financial system, rather than the system working for us.”

Scott Berry, Joint Managing Director, Wilks


Sage 200 is powerful enough to cater for up to 75 users at the same time. There are many reporting and dashboard options available via Sage 200, and the software is wholly compliant with Making Tax Digital.

The software is designed to improve decision-making considerably, by providing you with key information on areas such as supply chain and production activity plus core financial data. Enterprise-level features are also available. These include Barcoding and Warehouse Management.

  • Scalable
    Get the features and functionality you need when you need them, with scalable software that grows with your business
  • Easy to Use
    Start performing analysis with automatically formatted, neatly presented data within a single click in the familiar environment of Excel
  • Seamless
    Cut out the tedious task of re-keying bank payments and relax as transactions flow into your account with Sage Bank Feeds
  • Insightful
    Respond quickly to opportunities and get the insights you need on the go – speeding up growth to drive your business forward
  • Supply Chain Management
    Manage, track, and optimise your supply chain, so you can identify issues early
  • Multi-currency
    Process foreign currency receipts and payments in up to 100 currencies
  • Multiple stock locations
    Manage multiple warehouses and stock locations for greater inventory control
  • Business Intelligence
    Advanced reporting to enable more informed business decisions based on key performance indicators


See how Sage 200 could work for you

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    “We needed a Sage business partner who would work closely with us to ensure we maximised the efficiency of our systems. That’s what M2M did for us.”

    Sam Bagga, Chairman, Sabichi Homeware Ltd

    “We are delighted. Our Sage 200 project went smoothly and with little disruption to our

    Will Matier, Managing Director , Vegetarian Express Ltd


    We are ready to hear from you right now if you are ready to buy Sage 200 and bring it into your business. Our Sage 200 specialists have the experience and expertise needed to help you make the most of the many features offered by this pioneering product.

    We aim to become the UK’s partner of choice for companies seeking to move their business forward with Sage 200 in the UK. Choose us if you need to find the most innovative, dependable and affordable solutions from a leading Sage supplier. We constantly aim to help our clients benefit from the latest and most dependable software solutions available to them, always striving to improve our services.


    Sage 200 is a powerful business management software solution that’s designed with the needs of small to medium businesses in mind. The solution makes it much easier for you to share information across your departments and teams. One of the big benefits of Sage 200 is that you can have it tailored towards your own specific business requirements. Sage 200 is a cloud-connected solution, and this means it can be integrated with other products including Office 365. Businesses from a wide range of industries are achieving more after investing in Sage 200. The software can help you do many things faster and more efficiently.
    Sage 200 allows you to solve a wide range of problems. It can give you much more control and clarity over your finances and allows you to streamline a host of processes. Sage 200 is particularly beneficial for companies based over multiple physical sites, and Sage CRM can make your marketing efforts much more effective. It is ideal for those seeking more control over stock management, and there are many optional add-ons you can use to suit your specific business requirements. Sage 200 can make it much easier to manage your production schedules, and you can scale up or down at any time.
    M2M is a market-leading Business Partner for Sage and has been since way back in 2004. We still believe Sage’s software is the best we have encountered when it comes to accounting, payroll and payment. Sage 200 has been our product of choice for several years due to its incredible power and versatility. We have the experience and expertise needed to help you smoothly bring Sage 200 into your business. You can also count on us to help you build the ideal bespoke Sage 200 solution for your specific requirements. To find out more about Sage 200 from M2M, contact us today.

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