Additional functionality can be achieved with some Sage 200 add-ons that will enable you and your team to achieve even more.

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Our add-ons for Sage 200 are designed to make your business more efficient and enhance your productivity.


With Spindle Document Management, you get the chance to distribute outbound documents with ease and automate numerous workflow processes. This add-on also allows you to capture incoming documents that you can access instantly in Sage 200, giving you a comprehensive document management solution to drive your business forward.

Spindle Document Management gives you access to a series of flexible and sophisticated tools that give you full control over documentation coming in and out of Sage. It automates a host of workflow processes and streamlines a host of essential business tasks.


WAP is a popular locally installed web-based application that’s been specifically designed for real-time integration with Sage 200. With WAP, you get data entry and approval processing for a range of business-critical documents such as requisitions, invoices, expenses, holidays, timesheets, holidays, sales orders and HR.

Approvals can be based on categories such as value, document type, project and nominal code, with the solution also allowing real-time analysis of various nominal and actual costs against budgets. The application is scalable up to more than 2000 users.

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Construct for Sage can be used immediately as soon as the software has been set up for you and your team. This market-leading financial and operational contract management software enables you to monitor contract costs and budgets with ease, taking the strain out of cash flow management and maintaining strong business relationships at the same time. This add-on for Sage is particularly suited to contractors and subcontractors tasked with managing contracts.

Expect transparency, accountability and functionality from a facility that gives you the vital tools you need to run your business effectively. Construct is designed to help you boost margins, manage your projects more efficiently and get more from your time and budgets. Construct offers solutions for construction businesses of all sizes.



Giving you total control of your documents in Sage 200.



Software applications for integration with Sage.



Out-of-the-box contract management software based on Sage 200.



There are many great reasons for using our services when you need Sage add-on solutions. We have a great track record when it comes to breaking complex terminology into simple terms, so our clients know exactly what the benefits of our solutions are. We work closely alongside our clients to ensure issues are resolved at the earliest opportunity, often beating their SLA and ensuring they’re able to make the most of the facilities available to them.

If you’re ready to achieve even more with Sage, we are here for you. We can give you all the detailed advice that you need to derive optimal value from these systems, and you can contact us at any point if you need any further advice or support. Take the pain out of integrating Sage add solutions into your business with us.


As an official partner, we have the experience, expertise and approval needed to help you do more with Sage solutions. For more than 25 years, Sage has proved itself to be the ideal software for integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems. We are ready to use our expertise to ensure the implementation of your Sage software and add-ons runs as smoothly as possible.

Solutions can be tailored towards the unique requirements of your business, and we can be counted on to keep disruption to a minimum.


There are many Sage 200 add ons available to you that have been created by a range of software developers. We can help you find the best Sage 200 add-ons for your specific business requirements. Some of the add-ons we’ve been the most excited about recently include Spindle Document Management, Construct For Sage and WAP. If you do wish to enhance your Sage experience even further with add-ons, we can cater for you and help you get even more from your software solution. Companies from a wide range of sectors have benefitted from having them.
Sage 200 add-ons can help your business in a host of ways, allowing you to do even more with your data. We can introduce you to add-ons that make your business more productive and enhance your productivity. What’s right for one business isn’t always the best match for another, and that’s why we can talk you through your options to help you find the right add-ons for your specific business. By purchasing the right add-ons for your business, you can gain a real edge over the competition and quickly see a significant boost in your productivity.
There are many great reasons for choosing M2M Technology when you need a partner who’ll help you achieve more with Sage. We have been a Sage partner since way back in 2004 and know the company’s software inside out. We can use our vast experience and expertise to help you integrate Sage 200 and Sage 200 add-ons into your business seamlessly. You can also count on us to keep disruption to a minimum whilst we’re helping you integrate Sage into your operations. Let us help you derive as much value from Sage as you possibly can and enhance your productivity.

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