Sage 200 for Retail is designed to help you make quick informed business decisions and make the most of the data that’s available to you as a retailer or eCommerce business. It enables you to capture and process a wealth of transaction and logistics information. It will also allow you to combine the whole range of daily business operations into a convenient, single integrated system. If you need to manage finances, customer relations, stock, order processing and pricing in a centralised location, Sage 200 for Retail could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Tailored to your needs

A big benefit of Sage 200 for Retail is that you can have it tailored to meet your specific needs. The solution will deliver all the power of an ERP system in a way that boosts your business and gives you much more transparency. Sage 200 for Retail gives you total visibility of your business whilst helping you maintain the highest standards of data integrity.

A real-time overview of your business

Sage 200 for Retail gives you a real-time view of your business operations so you can easily identify areas where improvements are needed. The software also frees up time that you can use to focus on essential business matters and enables you to automate various tasks that would normally be incredibly time-consuming. Sage 200 for Retail brings various parts of your business closer together and helps you lay down the foundations to maximise profit and growth.


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    Make better decisions based on the latest data

    Sage 200 for Retail helps you to monitor stock, sales and logistics in real-time to help the planning process and make better, more informed choices. It will also allow you to handle your entire supply chain from one location so you can easily make sense of your imports and exports as well as your landed costs. Having total visibility over your inventory will allow you to manage it much more efficiently. You’ll be able to capture sales data in-store and online. Sage 200 for Retail will make it much easier to identify sales trends and track transactions as they happen. Another key benefit of Sage 200 for Retail is that can help you improve marketing and customer loyalty thanks to the way it supports your loyalty and reward programmes.


    Is your current Sage 50 software holding you back?

    If you’re struggling with stock control, advanced reporting, multi-currency or integration with third-party apps (CRM, EDI, EPOS or e-commerce) it may be time to migrate to Sage 200.

    How can Sage 200 help?

    • Work with Sage 200 in the Cloud
    • Same look and feel as Sage 50
    • Handles processes beyond scope of Sage 50
    • Third-party integration (CRM, EDI, EPOS or e-commerce)
    • Industry specific solutions
    • Advanced currency management, multi company and multiple stock locations
    • Greater insight with real-time reporting and improved month-end close
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    Access your data from anywhere

    Sage 200 for Retail has enabled many retailers and e-commerce businesses to improve the way they make forecasts due to the way it presents you with financial analytics and live sales data at the touch of a button. Sage 200 for Retail can give you everything you might need from a retail ERP system. As Sage 200 for Retail is cloud-based and can be cloud hosted, you can get immediate access to your latest live data from anywhere.


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