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Sage 200 Financials is the core Sage 200 accounts module that sees other modules feed financial accounting data into ledgers. This allows you to run reports that give you a greater insight into your financial activities so you can identify ways to boost profits and stimulate greater growth. If you’re wondering ‘what is Sage 200 Financials’ and why it can make such a big difference to your business, read on.


There are four Sage 200 Financials features for core ledgers. These are the nominal, sales, purchase and cashbook ledgers. With this system, you can gain complete clarity and transparency over your current financial position. You’ll also be able to get in-depth insights into your financial history thanks to valuable reporting tools including Sage 200 Business Intelligence.

A host of new features have been added to Sage 200 Financials over recent years, with the core module now integrating with a host of other Sage products including e-invoicing solution Sage Pay and Modulr, which generates automated payments. The facility also integrates with Office 365 seamlessly.


Sage 200 Financial is supporting businesses in a myriad of ways. The three-tier nominal structure is enhancing the quality and depth of reports, with the flexible accounting periods offering extra control over which accounting periods can be closed, opened and re-opened. With the batch upload facility, journals can be entered and placed on hold before they are added to the nominal ledger.

  • Greater clarity and efficiency
    The software also makes the management of statements, standing orders and direct debits more efficient, with improvements in FX management also made possible. As the software integrates with Sage 50 Payroll, all outgoing costs are visible. The software also simplifies the bank reconciliation process and enables unlimited customer, transaction and supplier records to be kept. Forecasts can also be improved with Sage 200 Financials, as can general cash flow management.

  • A comprehensive financial management solution
    At M2M Technology, our Sage 200 financial specialists are here to help you make the most of these services so you can take advantage of all the relevant features offered to your business. We have vast experience when it comes to providing Sage 200 Financials support and can provide you with all the advice you need to utilise this popular facility.

    We can provide you with advice on navigating the software, sales processing, creating new customer accounts, entering direct invoices, posting sales receipts, reversing transactions, placing customers on hold, correcting errors, creating new supplier accounts and many more.


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