We’re all another year older and so too is your accounts package! So, as we welcome in 2023, it may be time to start planning the next upgrade for your Sage 200 software.

A continuous cycle of support ensures that new patches and version updates, which guarantee the continued smooth operation of your current version, are continually being made available to Sage 200 customers.

Is your current version of Sage 200 supported?

However, every year, Sage assigns its oldest versions to ‘end of support’ status, whilst other versions enter a status of ‘extended support’. This means that action may be now be required if you are running older versions.

The infographic below shows at a glance whether your own version of Sage 200 is:

  1. Supported by Sage – in which case no action is needed
  2. In the ‘Extend Support’ period – meaning it’s time to start planning an upgrade
  3. Unsupported – which indicates that urgent action is required

Start planning your Sage 200 upgrade

If your version is in the green, then you’re sitting pretty. But if you’re in the amber, then it’s time to start planning your next Sage 200 upgrade. (If you’re in the red, you should probably skip reading the rest of this blog and call our Sage support team now to discuss your options).

If you’re unsure which version of Sage 200 you are running, simply click on the Cog (Settings) button at the top right of the main Sage 200 screen and select About Sage 200. Your version number will be displayed there.

Planning a smooth upgrade for your Sage 200 can take a little while, especially where your software has been customised or integrated with third-party apps. So, please don’t leave this to the last minute. Our expert team at M2M support lots of Sage customers, so if you suspect your version is nearing end of life, there’s really no better time to drop us a line. The earlier we can start preparing your upgrade, the more time will be available for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

To avoid unnecessary interruptions, our team will often perform your upgrade under test conditions, rewriting or fixing any technical issues that arise due to software plug-ins and third-party integration such as ecommerce or EDI. The go-live for your new version will then be planned carefully with your team and can even be scheduled for a weekend to minimise disruption still further.

Get in touch today

To discuss the support status of your current Sage 200 version, or if you have any other questions regarding an upgrade to your software, please contact the M2M Sage support team on 01245 494847.

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