If the demands of your current accounts system have caused it to slow to a walking pace, then it’s time to fly with Sage 200. This business management software is the natural upgrade path for users of Sage 50 and other entry-level applications, who require a system that manages more complex business processes and offers greater functionality.

Sage 200 is ideal for companies in need of multiple integrated modules and companies with stock located in various locations. It’s also the ideal match for enterprises with multiple trading entities.

Here are some of the main reasons Sage 50 users are upgrading to Sage 200.

Greater Scalability

Sage 200 allows up to 50 desktop users (or 100 web users), and because it uses a Microsoft SQL database it can handle up to 9 million transactions, with great performance, which means that limitations in terms of volumes of invoices, bank statement lines and purchase transactions should never be a problem again. This means the system has the resources to grow as your business grows.

Fully customisable

One of the key benefits of Sage 200 UK is that it can be customised in line with your specific business requirements. Modules are available for stock management, project management, customer relationship management, manufacturing processes and payment. It is also the perfect solution for third party integration with e.g., CRM, EPOS or e-commerce

Enhanced Multi-company capability

Whilst multi-company functionality is available within Sage L50, upgrading to Sage 200 will allow you to move with much greater ease between companies. The consolidation tool within Sage 200 also provides you with the ability to consolidate to more than one parent.

Full Multi-Location capacity

Sage 200 supports multiple warehouse and bin locations and makes transferring stock between locations quick and easy and enabling you to keep control of your distribution and expand your operations.

Advanced Currency management

Sage 200 can process foreign currency receipts and payments in up to 100 currencies. It automatically re-values transactions when they are allocated as well as the balance sheet accounts to reflect the current value of their balances. Sage 200 can also calculate landed costs on-the-fly to maintain target margins.

Superior Analytic accounting

Sage 200 comes with a three-level nominal structure (type of transaction, cost centre or department) and many transaction analysis codes to help you slice and dice your data in multiple ways.

Improved period end process

Sage 200 has been designed to make the period end process more fluid which provides complete visibility of the company’s financial position at any point in time. Whilst navigation backwards and forwards between periods is now possible, Sage 200 offers an even greater structured and disciplined approach to period and year ends.

Better reporting functionality

Sage 200 has powerful reporting capabilities thanks to it rich data and a wide feature set and can combine in single reports, data which is often run over several different reports in Sage 50. This is thanks to its enhanced filters, and ability to combine data from different areas of the system within the same report to provide better visibility over the business and more efficient management reporting. Sage 200 allows you to run sets of pre-defined Excel pivot-table type reports from your system data directly into Excel.

What are the Differences Between Sage 200 Standard and Professional?

The Sage 200 accounting product range is available in two different versions, Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Professional. Sage 200 Standard is only available online via the Cloud whilst Sage 200 Professional (previously known as Extra) is available in the Cloud and also as an On-Premise version.

Both versions of Sage 200 are the same software, however Sage 200 Professional has extra functionality available such as; Project Accounting, CRM, Business Intelligence and Manufacturing. The Professional version is also customisable whilst Standard only has out of the box features.

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