Improving your Business Software

If you’ve been thinking about buying or upgrading to Sage 200, a crucial factor to consider is the compatibility of your IT infrastructure to run the software. Developments in hardware and the associated Microsoft technologies (Server, SQL, Windows, Office etc.) are ongoing and can make improving your business software much more costly than it needs to be.

Working from Multiple Locations & Devices

In addition, flexible working, from multiple locations and multiple devices is now a ‘must have’ for many companies. Whether you are working from home, abroad or on the move in between meetings, having the option to work remotely is no longer a benefit, it’s a genuine requirement.

As users spend increasing amounts of time moving from one device to another, the ability to have a seamless user experience with continuous access to your company information has become a process more difficult to oversee. Factors such as security, permissions, data sovereignty, disaster recovery, and continuity are all of paramount importance yet are not part of your day job. So, how can you gain the relevant service without having to oversee such dynamics?

Using a Secure Hosting Service

By using a secure hosting service, you can be sure that your Sage 200 system and data are secure, backed-up and accessible from multiple devices. Find out more about the key benefits a hosted server can bring to your business…

Key Benefits:

• A flexible solution

A hosted server for your sage software offers a flexible solution that’s built to suit your needs both now and in the future… What’s more, you can tailor the service you receive to suit the requirements of your business, and if things change, this flexible solution can be altered accordingly.

• Disaster recovery

Gain from enhanced security and automated data back-ups, ensuring you have a back-up should disaster strike. With 24-7 monitoring and UK based support also available; your business can gain valuable, reliable and accessible assistance when you need it most.

• Cost effective

By choosing this cost effective solution you can gain from immediate efficiency without large capital expenditure. This low upfront investment and simple implementation means you can focus on growth, profitability, productivity and innovation helping you to improve your business performance.

• Accessible on any device

Access your data on the move using your mobile device, meaning you can gain the service you need anytime, anywhere. Users can connect depending on their individual requirements making this accessible investment simple to access whether you’re in the office, working from home, or between meetings.

• Future proofed technology

While you can’t avoid change altogether, you can ensure that the foundation of your technology is flexible enough to adapt. This future proofed technology provides users with simple upgrade paths and scope for expansion, enabling plenty of possibility for adaption as both time and your business progress.

• No long term contracts

While many companies are renowned for forcing their clients to sign lengthy contracts and long-term agreements, our hosting solution is available month to month, so you don’t feel tied down.

How Can M2M Technology Help?

Whilst Sage offer an online version of Sage 200, which is an excellent solution for companies with a low user counts and modest requirements, it does not yet encompass all the modules and is limited in its ability to integrate with other systems. Additionally, for existing Sage 200 users, there is presently no formal commercial model to transition you into the online subscription world. This is where M2M Technology can help. If you would like to know more about our hosting options for Sage 200, please get in touch today…

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