Software as a Service, also known as SaaS, is a software licensing and delivery model. When compared with traditional models of business software installation, SaaS offers many advantages. For example, SaaS – and more widely cloud computing – can help you make the most of a limited IT budget while giving you access to the latest technology and professional support.

Examples of SaaS Use within a Business Include:

  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Tracking sales
  • Planning
  • Performance monitoring
  • Communications (including webmail and messaging)

6 Reasons Why SaaS Is A Good Alternative to On-Premise Software

1. Reduced IT Spend

Because SaaS is often subscription-based and has no up-front licence fees, initial costs are much lower.

Your SaaS provider will manage the IT infrastructure that is running the software, which also brings down fees for the likes of hardware and software maintenance.

2. Fast Install and Operation

Because SaaS is installed and configured in the cloud already, delays often associated with traditional software deployment can be kept to a minimum.

3. Stress-free Upgrades

Your SaaS providers will handle all hardware and software updates on your behalf, deploying upgrades centrally to the hosted applications and removing this workload from your shoulders.

4. Increasing Flexibility

SaaS providers generally offer countless subscription options and the desired scalability to alter subscriptions accordingly as and when needed, e.g. when more users need to access the service, or when your business expands.

5. Heightened Convenience

SaaS is an accessible and convenient alternative to traditional business software installation, as all you need to access a SaaS application is a browser and an internet connection. It’s also available on a wide range of devices and from anywhere in the world.

6. Boost Productivity

Using the SaaS Salesforce platform, you can build a bespoke business system that spans across your front of house to back office systems, providing access to crucial information simply and easily. For example, Salesforce products like Sage Business Cloud Financials can help you to analyse cashflow and undertake key accounting tasks wherever you may be.

What Is Sage Business Cloud Financials?

As mentioned above, SaaS product; Sage Business Cloud Financials is a popular and frequently implemented business tool. As a cloud-based package, it offers a completely agile business solution, ideal for managing all your business processes in one place. For example, you can link your sales, accounting, banking, invoicing, and payments.

With Sage Business Cloud Financials, you’re able to connect your back-office key financial data with your front office sales CRM system to provide your employees with better insight, allowing your team to work smarter, be more agile and increase business growth.

Find out more about Sales Business Cloud Financials in this video:

Sales Business Cloud Financials Advantages

  • Manage Projects
  • Maximise Team Productivity
  • Evaluate Profitability
  • Simplify Complex Customer Billing
  • Create and Accept Invoices
  • Flexible Subscription Management
  • A Complete View of your Accounts
  • Gain Immediate Visibility into KPIs
  • Build Dynamic Financial Reports
  • Access 100% Functionality on Mobile
  • Simple and Intuitive for Rapid Deployment

How M2M Can Help…

At M2M, we are now accredited to sell and implement Sage Financials, where we can tailor your system to meet the individual needs of your business. M2M understand that each business is unique and the support needs that you have may differ, depending on how you use the system.

Our customer support packages are priced on an individual basis and reflect the level of support you need as you need it. To arrange a Sage Business Cloud Financials demonstration or for more information, contact us here or on 01245 49 48 47.

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