Established in 1996, Sicon have been developing software applications for integration with Sage for over 18 years and are now well established as one of the leading software developers in the UK and Ireland.

Today Sicon design and develop innovative, high quality and highly functional software applications solely for integration with Sage 200.

Web Authorisation (WAP) is just one of the intuitive applications that Sicon provide for Sage 200, but what does it do? Well, it’s been designed to allow easy data entry and approval processing for business documents.

How Does Sicon Web Authorisation Work?

WAP is a locally installed web-based application designed specifically for real-time integration with Sage 200. It’s designed to streamline the creation and approval of business documents such as purchase requisitions, invoices, expenses, time-sheets and holidays.

The system connects directly to your Sage system and you can log into the WAP system via your web browser, via a specific URL to access your login page.

Which WAP Modules Are Available?

WAP is the software used, however a module is always required for use with the software, and there are a range of WAP modules available, these include;

• Purchase Requisitions

• Invoice Approval

• Expense Approval

• Timesheets

• Holiday Approval

• Sales Orders

• HR

The Benefits of Sicon WAP:

1. Web-Based Application

The fact that Sicon WAP is a web-based application, means installation, upgrade and deployment can be achieved with ease for both internal and external users, making it an ideal application for multi-site or remote distributed organisations.

2. Scalable Solution

Sicon WAP is a scalable solution that can be implemented on sites with a varying number of users… from 10 to 700.

3. Links Directly to Sage

Locally installed, Sicon WAP links directly to Sage, providing the following functionalities;

• Create Sage Purchase orders and use created orders and actual postings in commitment calculations (calculates actual, deferred, historical, orders placed and unapproved requests to work out commitments v’s budgets in Sage 200)
• Project accounting for each line of a requisition; the user can select a project and project item
• Users can be assigned to projects and project items
• Sage Payroll link employees and pay elements to the Timesheet module rates to enable postings back to Payroll
• Real-time nominal budget, actual and commitments are analysed

4. Easy to Use Dashboard

Users are presented with an easy-to-use dashboard containing notifications or links to items to approve. Plus, each screen has been designed for non-IT users, making them a doddle to navigate.

5. Secure User Login

You can ensure data is kept secure with user logins restricting access to system functions, and user accounts that can be configured to use Windows Password Security.

6. Approval Limits Assigned Per User

• Approval routes by nominal code, project, user and value
• From one to unlimited authorisers per approval route
• Requisitions approved when a user with sufficient authorisation is reached

7. Integration with Other Sicon Solutions

Sicon’s WAP can integrate with document management solutions to view and archive documents related to authorisation transactions.

Looking for Sophisticated Sage Add-Ons?

We have spoken about the availability of sophisticated Sage add-ons many times before, and at M2M Technology, you can trust that we have carefully selected our business partners to offer add-on software solutions that can enhance your business. So, if you’d like to learn more about Sicon WAP and how it can work for you, why not get in touch?

How M2M Technology Can Help…

We work closely with our customers and with Sicon throughout the decision making and installation process to provide our customers with a seamless integration and a first-class service. We are always happy to arrange a demonstration of Sicon Applications for Sage 200. Simply get in touch to request a demonstration.

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