These days, we are all under increasing amounts of pressure to undertake tasks more quickly, more thoroughly and more easily while using faster, less complex resources.

These same considerations become particularly apparent when considering your future business processes and how you intend to stay ahead of your competitors.

Thankfully, for well over a quarter of a century, Sage have been supporting businesses with world-class business software.

In this time, they’ve not only built up a deep understanding of the needs of all sizes and types of businesses, they have also forecasted future potential problems and how these can best be addressed using their innovative software solutions.

Here we discuss the futuristic qualities of Sage’s software solutions in more detail…

• The Power of Business Intelligence

Until recently, expense and complexity put business intelligence applications beyond the reach of many organisations. Now Sage Business Intelligence solutions help organisations in all sectors to build a significant competitive advantage.

Their business intelligence solutions enable you to extract real intelligence about the behaviors of your customers, markets, operations, suppliers, business performance and much more from data accumulated every day in the normal course of operations.

Sage can help you gain greater control over business intelligence processes by enabling you to extract meaningful, timely intelligence from your data, identify trends and pinpoint areas of inefficiency, as well as see a 360 view of your business, from sales and marketing figures, to stock and suppliers.

• Draycir’s Spindle Document Capture

We’ve touched upon Draycir’s Spindle Document Capture in a previous post. So, why is it worth mentioning again?

Well, Spindle Document Capture integrates with your software (i.e. Sage 200) to handle various types of incoming documents throughout your organisation. It works by electronically storing your documents, as an alternative to having vast volumes of paper using up valuable office space.

With the help of Document Capture solutions, you can gain a competitive advantage over other businesses, i.e. it allows you to capture, store, manage, view and deliver various types of content while also automating and extracting data, whether from digital or paper sources, providing a fast and efficient way to keep digital documents organised and safe.

• Sophisticated Sage Add-ons

In recent years, there has been a distinct focus on developing products for Sage 200. Add-on software solutions have been built to help businesses run more effectively, save time, boost productivity and provide a fully integrated solution.

From Sicon to Draycir and EQUE2 to Codeless Platforms, at M2M Technology, we have carefully selected our business partners to ensure we are able to offer add-on software solutions that can enhance your business.

From Sicon’s Audit Log and Cashflow Manager to Codeless Platform’s Report and Document Automation, such add-ons provide incredibly innovative capabilities with an aptitude to solve future problems before they have a chance to disrupt your business processes.

• Sage 200 Business Cloud

There are a number of Sage software suites to choose from, but Sage 200 Business Cloud provides a variety of functionalities that other Sage suites do not.

SAGE 200 provides complete visibility of information across your business via a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

It provides exclusive functionalities including; integrated business intelligence, integrated CRM, user definable workspaces, and advanced currency processes such as spot and period exchange rates, exchange rate history, support for euro triangulation, plus many other functionalities.

Leap into the Future with Sage

With over 6.1 million Sage customers worldwide, the network of people relying on Sage systems, particularly in the UK, is growing.

Sage software provides an array of essential tools with key features for businesses which can be leveraged to support the growth and success of businesses both now and in years to come.

From each of the revolutionary features listed above, it’s apparent that Sage software can be used as a tool to help you achieve your goals.

For more information on how you can implement these features, please contact our friendly team today.

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