Harnessing the power of technology can work wonders for your business, particularly when you consider the vast amount of time spent fulfilling administrative tasks. Such tasks can often be minimised with the aid of helpful technologies, helping to free up your time for more strategic activities.

When you consider the rate at which business content is growing as a result of today’s mobile, social and cloud transformation, the demand for businesses to effectively capture and manage their data is crucial, making it a key area for technological enhancement.

For example, Document Capture can help to enhance the way you work and transform your document management processes by providing a simple, yet effective means to easily capture and electronically archive documents, replacing paper documents and dated administrative practices.

What is Document Capture?

Document Capture integrates with your software (i.e. Sage 200) to handle various types of incoming documents throughout your organisation. It works by electronically storing your documents, as an alternative to having vast volumes of paper using up valuable office space. What’s more, documents can be destroyed when scanned, enabling you to keep track of your important documents via an improved, automated structure.

How Can It Improve My Business?

With the help of Document Capture solutions, you can gain a competitive advantage over other businesses, with many benefits to gain from. For example, Document Capture allows you to capture, store, manage, view and deliver various types of content.

It automates and extracts data, whether from digital or paper sources, at the point of origination in order to move at the speed of your business, therefore providing a fast and efficient way to keep digital documents organised and safe.

What Are the Benefits of Document Capture?

1. Improves Accuracy

You can find documents instantly, and reduce the chance of misfiling or losing them.

2. Enhances Business Productivity

Real-time digitisation of document information helps improve productivity by speeding up traditionally administrative roles and offering significant time savings.

3. Up Information Retrieval

With the click of a button you can view the information you require, be it the sales quote, purchase order, dispatch note, sales invoice or order query correspondence.

4. Ensures HM Revenue & Customs Compliance

Spindle Document Capture helps to comply with HM Revenue & Customs regarding the storage of electronic invoices.

5.Reduces Environment Impact

The amount of paper waste can be significantly reduced when using digital documents instead of paper, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your business paper costs.

6. Streamlines Internal Processes

Batches of documents can be scanned in by any capture user, saving time in your accounts department.

7. Lowers Number of Queries

By allowing access to view all documents across all departments, documents are much easier to find with instant access from other office locations, therefore helping to lower the usual number of queries made.

8. Enables Faster Responses to Customers

Document capture accelerates business processes to enable faster responses to customers.

9. Heightens File Organisation

You can simply tag documents to add a reference name or number to each image and associate it with a transaction in your system (i.e. Sage 200).

10. Reduces Storage Space

By having an automated solution in place, your office can remain neat and tidy with a reduced requirement for paperwork, and therefore a reduced storage space.

Spindle Document Capture for Sage 200 Integration

Spindle Document Capture offers the key solution to help improve workflow and reduce the level of time and strain in searching for documents. It integrates directly with Sage 200, including sales order processing, purchase order processing, sales ledger, purchase ledger nominal ledger, cash book and project accounting. It features each of the benefits listed above, ensuring users can locate their required documents with ease.

How M2M Can Help…

If you’re interested in streamlining your practices, reducing your costs and improving your cash flow, Draycir’s innovative and award-winning products could help. Find out more about Spindle Document Capture by contacting us at M2M Technologies today on 01245 494 847 or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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