Choose the right accounting software package and you will save time and money, make fewer mistakes, and gain a better understanding of your business finances. But, what are you hoping to gain from your new accounting software, and how will you know when you’ve found the right one?

Considering both your needs and your accounting skills is a good start in finding the right software and completing a wish list can help. Your accountancy wish list could include a vast variety of considerations, from ‘heightening productivity amongst staff’, (which can be easily achieved through task automation) to other less-generic expectations such as ‘wanting access to other business apps’ for a more collaborative overview of your business.

Choosing the Right Accountancy Software

Selecting the right accountancy software can make many tasks easier, for starters, book-keeping is simplified and automated. But what about growing businesses looking for collaborative software, and searching for a single connected office on the cloud?

For businesses seeking accounting software that ticks all the boxes, you may have looked at Sage in the past, but perhaps decided against it because it’s too costly, or you weren’t 100% sure of its functionalities, or how it would benefit your business.

But, what about Sage Business Cloud Financials… have you considered what this flexible business software can do for you?

The Benefits of Sage Business Cloud Financials

Sage Financials is a completely agile business solution, ideal for managing all your business processes in one package. Built on the world’s number one Salesforce platform Sage Financials delivers an integrated system which connects seamlessly in real-time, providing up-to-date core financials and accounting data at a touch of a button, as well as much more.

For those of you looking to move away from your current software or perhaps having difficulty migrating your desktop software to the Cloud, we’ve put together a list of the advantages to be gained from Sage Business Cloud Financials below…

• The Latest Technology to Drive Growth

With the right accounting software, you can take care of manual financial processes automatically and help your business run smoothly using your laptop or mobile.

• Unified Data and Real-Time Insights

Transform your accounting into forward-looking forecasts with unified data and real-time insights to enable you to stay ahead.

• A Connected Eco System

Encourage alliances using a unified data set that allows you to get real-time business insights whether you’re in the office, working from home or on the road. And connect with your team and colleagues from any device.

• Significant Savings to be Made

Cover all of your accounting needs via suitable monthly subscription plans. This ensures a cost-effective solution, providing you with the potential to make significant savings.

• Enterprise Capabilities without the Complexity

Benefit from the multi-dimensional capabilities that Sage Financials brings. For example, you can look at your business in new and insightful ways across geographies, products, business units and more.

• In-Depth Reporting and a Scalable Platform

Enhance productivity in your workplace by discovering new insights that allow you to ask meaningful questions and answer them with the aid of real-time reports and dashboards. Then customise and configure changes so you can easily scale your business.

Thinking of Investing in Cloud Accounting Software?

At M2M, we consider Sage Financials to be a scalable and flexible solution tailored to provide a 360-degree view of your business. For more information about how it can help your organisation to grow, call us on 01245 494847, or email us.

Please note: Sage Live is now called Sage Financials, so why the change of name? Well, under a new name, Sage Business Cloud Financials gives you real-time insights and access to thousands of business apps through Salesforce. Find out more here.

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